PMG & Partners Ltd can help you in managing better your assets, providing you with concrete solutions in terms of organization, securitization, fiscal drag, management, buying & selling. Contact us for a check-up and we will be able to suggest you the right solution for your wealth management!

We provide a skilled and long-lasting experienced team of professionals to negotiate the best terms & conditions in order to close successfully any deal. This gives our Clients the opportunity to easily manage all transactions and guarantees the payments due to everybody in the best confidentiality (Buyer, Seller and Consultants).

PMG & Partners Ltd is a proud member of AIPP (Association of International Property and adheres to a specific professional Code of Conduct according to the International Ethics Standards Coalition (, therefore, our procedures are strict and rigorous. We are confident these are really appreciated by all Parties and put the Actors of the negotiation in a very reliable position.

We assist you in all steps of your business (luxury goods, artworks, old patrician palaces, ancient manors, exclusive hotels, resorts, ….)!